July 13, 2014

Venus - The Two Faced Cat Goes Viral

Venus, the two faced cat has been getting quite a following on the internet!

July 10, 2014

Things You Do In World Cup That Would Be Weird Anywhere Else

If you have ever seen the World Cup playoffs on TV you know how amazing it is to watch the soccer players take the ball down the field, and how excited everyone gets when a goal is scored.

Soccer is one of the few sports where most of the players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Could you imagine how difficult it would be to go about your work day and use your feet for many of your daily tasks? Well, check out this video to find out the things you do in World Cup that would be weird anywhere else.

June 23, 2014

Funny And Embarrassing Sunburns And Mishaps

Going to the beach can be a great time to catch some waves, catch some rays, and just have fun with your family and friends. There are many things that people love to do when they go to the beach such as surfing, swimming, and building sand castles. Even if you have never surfed before, it is really easy to find someone that can teach you the proper way to surf. I wouldn't necessarily recommend learning how to swim when you are at the beach, but if you go to a resort there is usually a swim instructor that can teach you how to swim in a pool. Before you know it, you will be ready to swim in the ocean. Yes, there are many wonderful things you can do when you go to the beach, and one of the best times to hit the beach is during spring break. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept of spring break, basically it is a week break from school where you can get away from it all (or use the time to study for exams if you go to a really tough college). Just about every school district in the United States has a spring break. Colleges tend to have their spring break a couple of weeks before the spring break week for grade school students. If you are over 21, there are various vacation spots that you can go to in order to have lots of fun during spring break. Just be careful what memories you make while you're there.

Although spring break can be fun, you also have to be careful not to do stuff that till go on your permanent record, or get you kicked out of school, or keep you from returning to school. Of course, there is also the grey area. The stupid stuff that you do that you wish you hadn't, but at the same time won't kill your reputation at school, or keep you from getting a job in the future. And what better way to preserve these memories than to capture them on film! Not to mention all of those times when you either forgot to put on sunscreen accidentally or on purpose. The ensuing sunburn did not create a welcome memory (unless you took a picture of your beautiful sunburned self). Just for fun, here are a few embarrassing spring break moments for you to view, and enjoy!


This guy is just reminding everyone to wear a happy face while on spring break.

spring break embarrassing moments

Oh, I'm sure you're not THAT bad!

spring break embarrassing moments

I'm not sure WHAT this guy did to get this kind of sunburn. I can't even imagine what type of shirt you could wear to get this type of sunburn. Can you???

spring break embarrassing moments

This young lady decided to tan with a larger bikini on for some reason...

spring break embarrassing moments

And finally, hats off to this guy who decided to go for the "boiled lobster look" BEFORE he left for spring break. Chicks go for the all over red look (definitely in this season).

spring break embarrassing moments

June 17, 2014

Looking for Dancers / Dance Groups / Comics – Red Heads or With Red Wigs To Make Viral Video

Looking for Dancers / Dance Groups / Comics – Red Heads or With Red Wigs To Make Viral Video


I'm working on a book and one of the main characters is a woman with red hair that wears royal blue all the time.


I'm looking for dancers, dance groups, or female comics with red hair or red wig(s) and a royal blue top (blouse, t-shirt, sweatsuit, etc.) to create a dance video (can be any style) or a comical video (the more outrageous the better) set to a song that I created myself to promote the book.


A red hat would work as well for those who don't have red hair or a red wig. 


Here is a link to a video that I had made with the music that you will be using for your video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7YWx9xmZuw


The videos would be made on your own, however, if you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth TX area I could come by your location to help you with creative ideas.


THIS OPPORTUNITY IS OPEN TO WHOEVER WISHES TO DO THIS, but it will be easier for me to provide hands on help to those who live at least within 60 to 120 miles of me.


Once you create your video you can go ahead and upload the video to whatever video sharing site you wish, and I will also use my technology to have the video uploaded to several sites as well.


The song behind the video is a downloadable ringtone that you can sell as an affiliate (you make up to 80 cents per download). You can go here for more info: 

http://bit.ly/ItsAllAboutMeRingtone (scroll down and look on the right-hand side of the page). Even if you don't make a video, you can still sign up to be an affiliate and make money with the ringtone.


THE MAIN GOAL: I'm trying to generate interest and publicity for the book so that one day it can be turned into a movie. You can get a free copy of the first chapter here: http://bit.ly/GetCh1CoachCandace


I know that one of the quickest ways to get the media's attention is with a viral video. Ex: PSY has been a singing star in Korea for several years, however, he became an international superstar when his video “Gangnam Style” went viral after being posted on YouTube.


WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU?: Once the video is created I will push hard to get it to go viral by sharing it on several video networks, and writing several articles and press releases about it.


I also write for Trend Hunter and will write about your video there. Here is an example of my work – for those who remember the situation with Antoine Dodson and “The Bed Intruder”, he made an official Halloween costume and I wrote a trend post to promote it: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/official-bed-intruder-costume


This trend post was published and ended up being shared across several blogging networks.


For the record, I did write a trend post for the video that I had made for this song: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/coach-candace-ringtone


However, the video content was just not strong enough to get published (although it does exist in my online portfolio).


Which is why I need your help.


Again, I WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO MAKE YOUR VIDEO GO VIRAL. All I need is something to promote. You will retain all the rights to your video, and you can make money with any sales you make from the ringtone.


The big win for you happens if your video goes viral. Just like with PSY you would be invited to go on talk shows and be interviewed for TV. All that I ask is that you mention that you were inspired to do the video after reading the first Chapter of this upcoming book.


Please Note: THIS IS AN UN-PAID GIG (at least upfront) but there is ENORMOUS potential to make someone or a dance group a household name almost overnight, plus you have the commissions you make from the sale of the ringtone.


If you are interested in doing this, please send an email to the assistant editor working on this project: 



judymoss203 [at] gmail dot com


, and you will receive:

  • the MP3

  • the link to sign up for the ringtone affiliate program (same as the one mentioned in this post)

  • and more info as to the red headed character from the book.


This definitely could be a life changing opportunity for those who can see the big picture and think outside the box.



Again, thank you for your time and consideration!


June 3, 2014

Coach Candace Life Goes On video - Its All About Me - Free Chapter

Coach Candace Life Goes On video - Its All About Me - Free Chapter

If you are a single mother you know just how tough it can be to make ends meet, especially when you have children.

In the upcoming book "Coach Candace - Life Goes On", the main character Candace has to do just that after her husband leaves her for a waitress at the local diner.

Coach Candace Life Goes On video - Its All About Me - Free Chapter

Candace packs all her belongings, and moves away to stay with a friend in another state. Fortunately for Candace, she is able to land a job at the local plant nursery, and quickly makes some wonderful friends along with making a few "frenemies".

Coach Candace Life Goes On video - Its All About Me - Free Chapter

Things are going pretty well for Candace until a strange twist of fate puts Candace in the position of being framed for a crime she didn't commit!!!

Coach Candace Life Goes On video - Its All About Me - Free Chapter

Will Candace hold strong, or will she fall apart under the pressure? For those who would love to find out, you can click on the link below to visit its Kickstarter page where you can also access a link to download a FREE copy of chapter 1 of this upcoming book (no email required).

The video below was created using the music from a special ringtone that was created to promote this upcoming book. Proceeds from the sale of the ringtone will go to help fund this project, however YOU CAN MAKE MONEY PROMOTING THIS RINGTONE!

In the meantime, enjoy the video!