March 31, 2014

Wil Wheaton - How To Deal With Being Bullied

For those of you that are familiar with "Star Trek: The Next Generation" you may remember a character by the name of Wesley Crusher played by the actor Wil Wheaton who also starred in the movie "Stand By Me". And for those who are true Wil Wheaton fans then you will remember Wil as the villianous character Fawkes on "The Guild", a web series that follows the life and times of an online gaming guild. Wil Wheaton has also appeared on the TV shows "The Big Bang Theory" and "Leverage".

What many people may not realize is that in real life Wil Wheaton loves science, math, and other intellectual things just like the characters he plays on TV. As an adult Wil gets a chance to live out his boyhood dreams of being able to go to comic book conventions and meet various authors, and comic book writers. He even gets to make an appearance himself, and participate on panels with other actors, and directors who discuss various science fiction projects that he has been working with.

While it is a lot more fun being a bit nerdy as an adult, it can be tough when you are a child. Not all children are understanding when another child wants to talk about the latest advances in science, or the latest science fiction movie that just came out. In fact, sometimes the book savvy kids get bullied by other kids at school, and on the playground.

At one of the Comic Cons that Wil Wheaton attended, a young girl posed a question to him as to whether or not he got bullied as a child, and Wil was able to give a very eloquent, and thought provoking answer to this young fan's question. In the video below, Wil talks about how he dealt with being bullied, and gives some advice to those who are being bullied for being a "nerd".

So without further ado, please take a look at the video below!

List Giant - Gets You Mailing Lists Big and Small

If you are working to grow your business then you have probably heard the old adage “The money is in the list”. This is great advice to give someone, but it may not be so easy to follow up on this. It takes time to build a list. You need to research your target market, and then send out emails with offers or free things to give away. It would be much easier to just buy a list, but even that can be difficult. Finding a company you can trust to buy lists from is useful when you want to get quality leads which is why you may want to check out List Giant.

List Giant is an online portal to telemarketing lists, mailing lists, and sales leads. The lists consists of information that you can use yourself, or on behalf of a client. And for those in the list selling business, white label lists are available as well. List Giant also has a website that is easy to navigate making it simple to find the kind of list that will fit your needs. If you need to get in contact with someone, you can either do a live chat, or you can call their toll free number.

Some of the key features that makes List Giant stand out from the rest is that they have a wide variety of list topics to choose from such as automotive, and bizopp to sports, sweepstakes, and travel. You will also find that the lists are very affordable and can easily be accommodated within almost any marketing budget. There are customizable delivery options to choose from such as a quick download, or your lists can be mailed to you the old fashion way. The staff for List Giant is very knowledgeable and are ready to help you make the right choice when it comes to what types of lists you need, and you can even get a free consultation, if you'd like. Overall, List Giant is definitely a company that is working to serve its customers better than the competition.

March 25, 2014

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Quick Solve - Luck or Fixed?

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve If you have ever watched Wheel of Fortune on television you know how difficult it can be to solve the main puzzles. There are three people all competing to try and solve the puzzle before their competitors are able to do so. There is usually a lot of money at stake (or at least a nice prize at stake) so it makes sense that everyone is giving it their best shot at solving as many puzzles as possible in order to go on to the bonus round.
Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve
Once someone makes it to the bonus round, the situation changes dramatically. Instead of competing against two other people, it is now just you, and you alone who must face the puzzle. The good news is that you not only get five consonants and one vowel, once those have been revealed then you get a chance to choose three more consonants and another vowel.
Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve
But what do you do when after the first go around with revealed letters you only get two letters revealed, and with the second go around there are NO LETTERS REVEALED?!?!?!?
Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve
This would seem like a dire and almost impossible situation to overcome. But not for Emil! He had done really well on the other puzzles on the show so far, so it came as little surprise that he would solve this one. But even Pat Sajak was in utter disbelief when Emil was able to solve such a long puzzle with just two letters shown.
Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve
Was Emil extremely lucky...

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve
or was this fixed?

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve
Take a look at the video clip of the show, and let your opinion be known!

March 21, 2014

If Google Was A Guy

Millions and millions of people across the world use the Google search engine everyday. Men, women, boys, and girls will type in what they are interested in, or what they need to find out more information about. Some people even type in a web address to find out how to go to that web address (go figure). Luckily the search engine is just a program with an amazing algorithm that does a pretty good job of giving us what we want.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if, instead of a program, you had to rely on a person to help you with your searches? In this comedy bit from College Humor you get to find out just what that would be like. In many of these cases you might even relate because you have done that kind of search (or know someone who has).

In either case, just sit back, and relax as you watch the College Humor video: If Google Was A Guy


February 19, 2014

Newton's Cradle Gets An Upgrade

If you grew up in the 80s or was a business executive during that time, then you probably remember playing with a device that had steel ball bearings suspended from thin wires (otherwise known as a Newton's Cradle). They were fun to play with, and were great when you were really, really bored. The only problem is that because the color remained the same, this executive toy could become boring as well. But now there is a variation on this "blast from the past" with the Kinetic Light Newton's Cradle

On this variation, the balls actually light up, and change color as they transfer energy from one ball to the other. The basic premise of this device is that as one ball hits a ball at the far end, its energy is transferred all through the other balls until it reaches the ball at the other end. In theory, if you didn't have such a thing as friction, and air resistance, the balls would continue to hit each other indefinitely (essentially a perpetual motion device).

With the Kinetic Light Newton's Cradle, you can watch as the balls change color while striking each other. This is MUCH more fun than the original, and will keep you much more entertained.

December 25, 2013

Krispy Kreme - A Christmas Song

krispy kreme christmas song

For those who are Krispy Kreme fans (the rapper not the delicious doughnut) you are going to love this video. The main rapper in this video has already been on Tosh.0 showing off his rapping skills, and getting a web redemption for his video "Baddest of Them All". Things didn't quite add up in that video so Daniel Tosh was able to help him do another video to correct his mistakes, and improve on his performance.

krispy kreme christmas song This Christmas video was done some time before the Tosh.0 performance, and is one of my favorites. In this one, Krispy Kreme, with his sidekick Money Maker Mike by his side in a Santa suit, lets everyone know just how many different gifts he would like to get for Christmas. There is even a gift that Krispy Kreme wants that he already has!

krispy kreme christmas song So, without further delay, here is the video!!!