August 28, 2014

Euro Beach Soccer Cup 2014 - LIVE STREAM

Watch the Euro Beach Soccer Cup 2014 being LIVE STREAMED NOW:

August 22, 2014

Star Wars - The Old Republic - Play Online FREE NOW

If you are a Star Wars fan then you are probably familiar with the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Anikan Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting to save the galaxy from the Evil Empire.

In the online game, Star Wars - The Old Republic, you can join the action roughly 300 years after the Knights of the Old Republic storyline. The great thing about this game is that you get to choose which side you wish to fight on - The Republic or The Empire.

An age old war divides the Old Republic and the Sith Empire and different races across the Star Wars galaxy have taken sides making conflict inevitable. Your goals in the game are greatly determined by which side of the battle you take.

If you choose to fight for the Empire, then your focus is on acquiring power, and using your rage and anger to take control of the galaxy. If you are fighting for the Republic then you will be more focused on regaining that which has been lost, namely your homeland, through careful planning and strategic alliances you will form with other players and characters in the game.

If you are looking for a great MMO to spend some time with, you definitely will want to check out Star Wars - The Old Republic!

August 18, 2014

Breakfast Cereal Pops - The Breakfast of Champions!

Most people eat breakfast in the morning, and one of the easiest things to eat in the morning is some kind of breakfast cereal.

Usually milk is the main thing that accompanies the cereal, and sometimes people put bananas in their cereal.

But there are few people that I know of who would ever think of eating their breakfast cereal with Nutella....UNTIL NOW!!!

In the video below, you can learn how to make your very own breakfast cereal pops. Basically, you put Nutella on a banana and decorate it with your favorite breakfast cereal. Sounds like an interesting idea, but will the average "man on the street" like it?

Let's find out!

Do You Think "Breakfast Cereal Pops"
Is A Good Idea?

August 16, 2014

How Birds Can Fly As One Unit

If you have ever seen birds flying in large groups then you probably have wondered how they are able to fly in such close proximity to each other without major collisions.

The video below explores this idea and helps to shed some light on how birds can fly as one unit without crashing into each other.