June 4, 2012

80 Year Old Woman Survives SkyDiving Mishap

80 year old goes sky diving

There are many things that grandparents love to do such as going to the park, speaking with friends, or enjoying time with family. Then there are seniors who want to be more active, and so the garden, and some even knit. Still, there are other seniors that seek to do even more active things such as rollerblading, and some even like to go ride go karts. Then there are the truly adventurous that like to go hang gliding and skydiving.

If you haven't heard yet, there was an 80 year old woman who decided to go skydiving for her 80th birthday. Everything seemed to be going well until she found herself slipping out of the harness. She held on for dear life, and was able to land without any major issues. The funny thing is that the story was revived when she turned 81, and now the FAA are looking into the situation to see if the flight instructor did anything wrong. Still, this woman is amazing, and she reported that even during the time that she was slipping out of the harness she wasn't scared.

POLL QUESTION: If your grandparents wanted to go skydiving, would you support them?


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